"The Eric Gratz & Euntaek Kim recital was phenomenal. We look forward to the upcoming season."

- April Dickson, 8.10.17

"This is one of San Antonio's most magical group of musicians whose concerts are so enchanting and will introduce to you not only spectacular guest performers but chamber music that will surprise and thrill you. This is one of the reasons why I enjoy being back in San Antonio. It is so easy to come to a concert, meet people as well as folks you already know, be casual, and sit,relax, smile and ENJOY."

- Katie McGrail, 7.26.16

"Fantastic concert last night! Wow! The challenging and difficult Bartok, the lyricism of the Martinu and the pure musicality of the Fibich made for a thoroughly delightful evening."

- Neil Williams, 10.18.16

"Olmos Ensemble performances never disappoint."

- Phillis Ingram, 8.6.16

"Absolutely incredible performance! I can coast on the music all week."

-Sandra Fahnert Stacy, 8.14.16

"The flute/oboe duet was particularly beautiful in the dimness. Thank you!"

- Elise Urrutia Barenblat Schlesinger, 8.14.16

"Spectacular performance from beginning to end. Thanks for finishing the concert in the semi-dark." -Phillis Ingram, from the 8.14.16

"Terrific concert! The darkness really had little effect except for making it more exciting."

- Alan Cutler, from the 8.14.16

Our collaborators and supporters:


Mark Ackerman

Founder and Artistic Director Emeritus​

MARK TEPLITSKY            Paul Lueders          Ilya Shterenberg      Sharon Kuster             Jeff Garza

       flute                           oboe                         clarinet                     bassoon                        horn





executive Director

Board of Directors:

ANNE Johnson, president

Al Ely, treasurer

Penny Wiederhold, secretary

Amelia Long

Jeff Glass, M.D.

The Olmos Ensemble performs chamber music at the highest level of artistry. Created in 1994 by Artistic Director Emeritus Mark Ackerman, its musicians include concertmaster and Artistic Director Eric Gratz, along with principal winds Mark Teplitsky, flute; Paul Lueders, oboe; Ilya Shterenberg, clarinet; Sharon Kuster, bassoon; Jeff Garza, horn; along with special guest artists from around the country.

The Olmos Ensemble honors the tradition of chamber music in South Texas, shares its artistry with audiences across the region, and celebrates excellence in music through exciting and inspiring performances.

SIX chamber music concerts, carefully crafted, never too long. Variety you won’t hear in most chamber music programs. Tradition, Artistry, Excellence.

With six completely different programs throughout the season, there's something for everyone!

"... a performance whose taut unity, polish and rhythmic alertness met the highest international standard."

                                                                                                                            - Mike Greenberg, Incident Light 10.28.2017