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We are grateful to the generous individuals, foundations, and granting organizations who are supporting our 2023-2024 Season. We couldn't do this without you, thank you!

Listed here are the generous donors who make this experience possible through gifts or pledges made for our 2023-24 concert season. We try to keep this listing as up-to-date as possible, so if you are a donor and do not see your name on this list or see an error in your listing, please contact us. 

We hope you will join us and add your name to the list of those who support classical chamber music in San Antonio!

Questions about your listing? Email us.


2023-24 Season Sponsors


Benefactor ($10,000 and above)

Elizabeth Huth Coates Charitable Foundation

Patron ($5000 - $9999)

Steven Alan Bennett & Dr. Elaine Melotti Schmidt

Kenneth Fine and Rebecca Canary

Agnes & Jim Lowe

Dr. James Griffin & Dr. Margo Denke 

 Dr. Sheila Swartzman

Denny Ware

Sustainer ($2500 - $4999)

Richard E. & Antonia K. Goldsmith

Anne and Bruce Johnson

William and Marilyn Moll

Penny Wiederhold


Contributor ($1000 - $2499)

San Antonio Symphony League

Terra Nova Violins

Texas Commission on the Arts

Dr. James Lazarus & Dr. Susan Gershenhorn 

Edward Eaton & Janifer Meldrum

James & Frances Garner

Dr. Jan D. Garverick

Dr. Jeff Glass

Barbara C. Kyse

Didi & Alan Weinblatt

Donor ($500 - $999)

Carroll & Jacqueline Forrest

Phyllis & Steve Ingram

Martin & Frederica Kushner

Georgina Schwartz

Nancy Shivers

Supporter ($200 - $499)

Helga Anderson

Alan Cutler
Rachel Ferris

Freda Flax

Robert Kadanka

Suzanne Kasanoff

Margaret Joseph

Martin Keighley & Max Sarangay

Ann & Henry Lipsitt

Hannah Margolis

Taddy McAllister

Marguerite MCormick

Rev. Frank L. Seaman

Friend (up to $199)

Barbara Mechler Alvarado

James Bridges

Lavelle Brown

Steven & Judy Bundra

Mary Read Egger

Geraldine Friedman

Karen George

Nancy Grisham

Margaret Hager

Jay & Grace James

Rhonda Martin

Joan Mays

Renee Meriwether

Kimberlyn Montford
Wallace & Sandra Murdoch

Natalie Lynne Noriskin

Jessica Lynn Ochoa

Dolores Perrine

Charles & Katherine Schmidt

Christopher Shiner

Nancy & Soren Teilmann

Dr. Ana M. Valadez

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